Failure is an opportunity for growth.


What would you do differently, if you believed this to be true?

The fear of failure can hold us back from developing our full potential. It can rob the world of new ideas, brilliant innovators and emerging leaders. It can also lead to feelings of depression and anxiety.

F-OFF is a movement exploring our fear of failure and strategies to overcome it.

Join us to hear from inspiring speakers who will encourage you to see ‘failure’ as an incredible opportunity for learning and growth.

Say goodbye to your fear of failure. Embrace your potential.

Meet our speakers

Kat Dunn

Creator of F-OFF and corporate leader turned socialpreneur, Kat is passionate about connecting people and seeing unconventional alliances thrive.

Joshua Ross

Hedge fund manager turned social entrepreneur

Clyde Rathbone

Former Australian Wallaby and co-founder of

Talia Wahnon

Clinical psychologist and mindfulness practitioner

James Anderson

Personal trainer & health coach, writer, mental health advocate & founder of The Push Play Project

Dayne Rathbone

Former international comedian and co-founder of

Carla Hoorweg

Senior lawyer, lobbyist and international volleyball umpire

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