F-OFF production crew

Kat Dunn

Creator, F-OFF and corporate leader turned social-entrepreneur 

Kat is COO of digital media company Ideapod. A former corporate lawyer and senior leader at Perpetual, she left the corporate world to pursue entrepreneurial, creative and philosophical interests. She is adopting a growth mindset to overcome fear of ridicule for pursuing purpose over profit.

Janelle Watts

Legal Counsel, Telstra Finance, Strategy, Tech & Innovation + F-OFF Co-founder

Janelle is Legal Counsel with Telstra’s Finance, Technology, Innovation and Strategy team. She is passionate about becoming the best possible version of herself and is constantly trying to learn and develop. However, sometimes her fear of failure makes her see risks that aren’t there.

Nicole Stevens

CEO & Founder, Digital Creatures + F-OFF Co-founder

Nicole is a creative strategist, brand storyteller and accidental marketer. As managing director of Digital Creatures, she helps enterprises face their fear of failure in order to tell their story in a more authentic and innovative way. Nicole has helped many blue chip brands transform their approach to marketing, to meet the demands of today’s online audiences. She is constantly learning and improving, especially in her creative pursuits, and takes an interest in alternative, sustainable and ‘for purpose’ business models.