Kat Dunn

Creator, F-OFF, corporate leader turned social-entrepreneur 

Kat was born in the Philippines and grew up in country WA. She moved to Sydney in 2005 to become a lawyer before joining an ASX fund manager & pursuing a commercial career. An advanced planner to a fault, Kat is taking a 12 month entrepreneurial, creative and philosophical sabbatical. She is adopting a growth mindset to overcome fear of ridicule for pursuing purpose over profit.

Clyde Rathbone

Former Australian Wallaby and co-founder of Karma.wiki

The golden boy of the Rathbone family, Clyde enjoyed a multi-decade career as a professional rugby union player, playing for Australia’s national team, the Wallabies and Canberra team the Brumbies before retiring unexpectedly from the sport due to injury in 2009. He suffered a public battle with depression, and considered himself a failure, before making a successful comeback in 2013 and reclaiming his spot on the top side. He co-founded letter writing platform Karma with brother Dayne after realising that a social network could be built on meaningful, thoughtful content. You can learn more about Clyde on Karma.

Joshua Ross

Hedge fund manager turned social entrepreneur

Josh studied finance and accounting, joined Watermark Funds Management in early 2010 as the third employee in the investment team, and consistently remained one of the top performers over 7 years, helping to establish Watermark as one of Australia’s leading hedge funds.

In late 2015 Josh co-founded www.humanitix.com, a not-for-profit ticketing platform which donates the profits from all fees to partner charities. Josh Ross is a CFA® charterholder.

Talia Wahnon

Clinical psychologist and mindfulness practitioner

Talia is a clinical psychologist working in child and youth mental health. She is passionate and dedicated in helping her clients face the challenges and fears they are experiencing and to identify their unique strengths and capabilities.

From her experience, compassion, courage and connection with a good dose of gratitude are the antidotes to fear. In this talk Talia will share her knowledge and understanding of fear, its neurobiological and evolutionary basis and how simple practices over time can make big differences.

James Anderson

Personal trainer & health coach, writer, mental health advocate & founder of The Push Play Project

James Anderson has a unique and fresh approach to exercise and wellbeing. After 13 years working as a personal trainer, he’s to the realisation that the standard model for improving health and weight loss just wasn’t working. James developed his company Phat Fit, a group training and health coaching business that educates, inspires and empowers people to be stronger, leaner, fitter, healthier, and ultimately happier humans through health, not hype. He is passionate about ensuring we understand the impact of mental health, strength and stamina both on ourselves as individuals but also within society.

Carla Hoorweg

Senior lawyer, lobbyist and international volleyball umpire

Senior public policy lobbyist, lawyer and board member Carla Hoorweg is no stranger to high pressure environments and often finds herself the only woman in the room in male dominated industries. This doesn’t mean she is immune to feeling the fear of failure, instead the doubts creep in when she referees volleyball on the international stage with cameras broadcasting every call to hundreds of thousands of viewers.

Dayne Rathbone

Former international comedian and co-founder of Karma.wiki

Aside from being an above-average computer game programmer (which is apparently a career not the exclusive domain of pre-pubescent Taiwanese boys), there is no doubt Dayne’s fear of failure and comprehensive lack of social boundaries played a big part in propelling him to the dizzying heights of international comedy greatness for half a decade. He co-founded Karma, the home for gratitude online with brother Clyde in 2015 as an antidote to superficial forms of social media and a way for people to truly learn about one another. It’s the best way to learn that Dayne is more than just a pretty face and professional wanker.