About F-OFF

Our Mission

To empower everyone to

embrace their fear of failure

and grow their potential.

Our Vision

A world unburdened by fear,

where potential is realised.

Our Values

Speak up!

Well, why not?

We’re all different – that’s good.

Generously share your story to help others.

Be your awesome self.

Play the infinite game.

Fear of failure holds many people back from developing their true potential. This deprives the world of valuable contributions. How many of us have avoided trying new things for fear of being branded “a failure”?

What is F-OFF?

F-OFF is for people who want to leave a lasting, meaningful impact on the world yet are held back by their fear.

It is a forum where people are encouraged to talk freely about fear and doubt.

It is a place to connect with ambitious and vulnerable people from diverse domains ranging from corporations to government, science and technology to music, innovation and agriculture.

It is not a place where you are expected to be perfect. We value the infinite pursuit of growth, not perfection.

How does fear of failure affect us?

A shared fear of failure prevents talented people from developing their potential, for fear of criticism, judgement and rejection.

But unless we pursue progress over perfection, how can we expect to grow, innovate and tackle the challenges facing our world?

By changing our mindset around failure, we can view it as a springboard to learning and growth. Speaking freely about failure is a way to connect with unconventional allies over our shared vulnerabilities and lofty ambitions.

What is our aim?

We believe that everyone has infinite potential, but many people are held back from realising it because of their fear of failure.

Fear of failure is widespread, yet no one talks about it. Instead of connecting with others or getting help, people struggle alone. Silence can lead to isolation, anxiety and doubt, and deprives the world of valuable contributions.

We want to change that.

If we call fear out, and share healthy strategies to cope, we will all thrive.

It’s time to say F-OFF to your fear of failure! Subscribe below for updates.