It was a full house for our second edition of F-OFF: Fear of Failure Forum (Gratitude edition) on 20 July, packing out the 107 in Redfern.

Our second crack was pretty special, in particular getting to partner with Karma.

Here’s a round-up of some of the key takeaways from the evening:

1. Embrace a new definition of potential

Pursuing your ‘potential’ could mean pursuing outward momentum (purpose) instead of exclusively upward momentum (profit, prestige and promotions).

2. Try a contribution instead of a consumption mindset

If you eschew the consumption mindset and live frugally, then it’s possible to save a nest egg, find your partner in crime and dial up the hustle!

3. Let go of bad calls and be present in the moment

If you’re anything like a Carla Hoorweg, life is kind of like refereeing an international volleyball match. Sometimes, you have to make a spilt second call based on what you know. So let the dodgy ones go and be present or you’ll miss the next point.

4. You can frame your past, present and future

Life isn’t scripted and if you succumb to the perfectionist within and let the negative voices in your head take control, you might actually put yourself at greater risk of harm (like James Anderson, who spent 5.5 hours secretly nursing a hole in his leg at school) than if you risk failure and do something that will help you in the long run.

5. Don’t let others define your potential, only you can do this for yourself

Being the person you want to be is hard work! It’s way easier to play a role that others ascribe to you (e.g. Dean). Yet you may be hiding your talent, creativity and so much potential. Don’t let that mistake go unchecked or you risk more than just a moment of awkwardness. (His name is actually Dayne. I encourage you to YouTube “Dayne’s World“. It’s pure genius.)

6. Fear can’t take hold in the brain when you’re feeling grateful

Our fight or flight responses were helpful to stave off sabre tooth tigers in the distant past, but they’re less useful in response to modern day threats. Feeling grateful is one strategy you can use to help move past your fear of failure, because the two emotions can’t exist in the brain at the same time. Psychologist Talia Wahnon says practicing gratitude regularly has been shown to help reduce your feelings of fear and anxiety over time. Here are some simple gratitude exercises you can start practicing today.

7. Like anything good for you, gratitude takes practice, but it’s worth it

Gratitude can fundamentally transform not only your life, but it can help you to transform the lives of others. Letter writing platform and home of gratitude online, Karma, demonstrates the collective cultural transformation we can all play a part in when we harness the power of social media for social good. Jump onto or check out Clyde Rathbone’s blogs on Medium to be inspired and transformed.


Infinite thanks to my talented, hard working and charming co-founders Janelle Watts and Nicole Stevens who – despite hating public speaking, went and did it (and smashed it) anyway. They set up a lovely tone and space for the night and I am so grateful we all get to work on this awesome project together 🙂 Special thanks to Humanitix our ticketing partners innovating philanthropy, one event at a time.


Founder, F-OFF And Corporate Leader Turned Social-Entrepreneur